Monday, October 16, 2017

Vintage sparkly blue lurex dress as Alice in Wonderland versus Rihanna in a a dreamy blue dress

So, I actually was doing a dress up day about 2 weeks ago and a few days later Rihanna was showing off in an amazing blue ruffled gown and I just thought, yessssssssss

My look was my old blue lurex puff sleeve vintage 70s dress.

And my black & white striped otk socks.
I was ooooooh wee showing them off here lolol
Crazy cheapo multi-layered faux pearls bought about 10 years ago from like Sears or JCpenny----
I kid u not lolol & bunny ears for Alice inspo 

It's like----how do you wear your vintage???
How do you dress up? 
Checking your blogs for inspo <3 <3 <3

Music mood: 

Love & Light, 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I still do stupid things online and on social media by accident and it's rather funny and also I borrowed Kiki's wig

So, I started posting stuff to the My Day section of Facebook occasionally.

There is a way to send it to everyone and then like to people directly, I guess.  I thought I was adding it to My Day for like Laura and SamIAm, but everyone got it----it was me snorting like a dragon and breathing fire.  Seriously. It disappears automatically or I would share it with you now...

Here is me being a weirdo with eyeballs.

So good, r?????

The party I went to and talked about here for little Kiki was rly cool bcuz she's cool and honestly this is her wig and she let me borrow it.  It's the besttttttttt.

I know the bra is showing and it's a little racy---so we'll just say that's a treat for u tricks!
I was so into myself with the wig, I seriously didn't notice and that's actually real.  Real egotistical lol

The choker was actually handmade by Kiki's mom and the dress is just an old vintage black 90s slip.  
Lots of vintage and secondhand old necklaces.  

I'd also like to add it's National Coming Out Day and I support love across the spectrum.  It's hard to anyone who is different than the norm and I like to stand up and say I'm an advocate.

I did a little video and I was showing little rainbow heart handprints my daughter Baby Dream made where she dreams that all people are treated kind and I thought it represented what I wanted to say, too.  I can't figure out how to make the video here for some reason---some dayzzz I got it and some I don't!

Here I am modeling a Lillie Rubin dress I can't zip up and is for sale here

Love & Light, 

Meme Lyfe:

In honor of the wig!!!!


He looks serious as fuk---like, I'm trying to bring that level of intensity to my lewks.

I might have to get Monopoly again so my kids can play lol

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Gucci Unskilled Worker art is amazing Gucci Pineapple Glasses and art is everything Asheville is poppin' and I wish a few of my blogger girls could visit meh!!!!

Unskilled Worker for Gucci fukkkkkkkk
get on IG peeps

This girl tho uggghhhhhh

I have a pineapple glasses thing happening----swear it was b4 Gucci, but whatevs...

Plato's closet 2nd hand from years ago in Tampa dress and AliExpress harness

I'm 41 and for fuck's sake I wear what I want, but some ppl do judge.
Fukkkkk them.

I rly wish I could meet a few of u blogger ladies.  Especially the ones that are a tad older than me----it's hard to explain how your presence and VISIBILITY (visible monday/stylecrone/embellish or perish on IG---dross into gold, melon, vix----jeez----endless) & VOICES affect me.
It's major.
THANK U!!!!!!!

I respect the fuk out of the younger generation & millennials, too.
Please check the link above for credit for the lewk inspo.
I used $1.98 make-up from WallyWorld lololol and I look CRRRRRRRRAAAAAAZZZZY!
Luv it :)
More party pics laterzzz

Coco Loco being QT with me!!!

More on dis parteyyyyyyy laters <3 <3 <3 

Love & Light, 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

90s fashion dark floral midis new obsession Naomi Elizabeth when you've got the best you're like wow

She's amazing-----I'm obsessed. She has more videos no youtube.

One of my IG videos featuring my 90s dress---all ripped up lol dark floral midi's forever!!!!


Showcasing the same dress with ripped tights----yeah, I wear stuff more than one day!! I think people wash stuff unnecessarily sometimes---some days I'm just at the computer and what not----stuff doesn't get too filthy. 

Love & Light, 

FancyBoy beginning on Tinder and other stupid stuff and I'm sooooooo happy to write a proper blog post!!!!

FancyBoy built on the idea of how my Tindr personality would be...
Seinfeld, fur coat, pineapple drink ----on patton bridge with Shane (we were friends at the time).  Him o a leash---- like in the picture or something---I feel like that was part of it, but the leash thing may have been in my mind only lolol!!!!

same same

I thought I was going to be so popular with this profile---that I never needed because I started dating Shane...  

Anyways, I am no longer in a relationship.
And I'm still not popular.

In a thrifted at Goodwill/Target black & white striped dress.

Here I am wearing a vintage 70s, probably bridesmaid dress, that the shoulders are stretched out and I have them pinned with brooches to my bra.

This badass bitch with me is Laura.  She is such a kind friend.  I was at the Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride after party---- I didn't ride tho.  

Later at Sly Grogg!!!  I'm sitting in the famous-type vintage chairs that every cool vintage person has----I don't, obvi.  But here I am, annnnnnnd I have a hot penguin beside me!!!!!!
I love a FANCY BIRD IN A TUX!!!!!!!!!!  You'll see me around with my penguin <3

I'm also doing video outfit of the days on IG, and I think it's going well.
Had a bit of a dumb thing happen with the business a few months ago, so some changes I'd been thinking about are starting now.
I fucked up, but I guess it was time...  
I'll be slowly weeding out the stuff I don't like and getting a more curated feel for the store. Get artistic or whatever.  Just have things all the way I like---even if it's weird or does't make sense and will probably less commercial and less successful, but honestly it's not like it was a rip-roarin' success anyway.  
Small business 4ever <3 

Love & Light, 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Asheville Altamount Poetry Series at The Block Super GOOD and Jeff Bridges from ModPo

I popped out to the Asheville Altamount Poetry series at The Block.  They re-did this place and it looks super cool!  I don't think I'd ever hung her b4, but I knew it had been made over----and it looked cool!


Stained glass bar!

A CD of poetry that I got from my fav poet of the night, perhaps in a rather aggressive way...
His first and second poem he read almost made me scream out. "That's BADASS Kevin!"
Please note: Many ppl do this polite low-key (slightly weird) snapping to give props----not holler out loudly.  I knew I needed to leave come 9pm lickety-split, but I was super happy.  Just hearing those two poems read out loud fuct me up in a good way.

 Jeff Bridges!  I met him through another poetry person Megan, who introduced me to ModPo...

Also, my computer broke.
Blogging from this phone (blogger app) and can't figure out how to do hyperlinks & stuff. Can't even find the tool bar...
Any advice welcome. 
And when I think of everythibg else that is going on rn that is sad, my computer going should be the least of my sadness, and yet, it's rly bringing me down :(

I'll be reading yer blargs soon for inspo peeps!

Love & Light, 

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

I ate tacos until 3am at home one night for no good reason, but I'm not mad!

I'm not sure if I should brag, but I rly like my taco video!
My daughter, Girl London, went crazy for it----she's into flying tacos big time!

Then LondonDaBridge & I had a selfie filter extravaganza :D



I love the pics lol.  This is probably better than me trying to talk about my outfits lately.
It's been a lot of no bueno with the clothes for some reason.  Although leggings as pants are really working out for me...  A lot.
I've had more grief come my way, but I can't say I didn't expect it.  I did.
I'm off to do a little late blog reading and hoping all your worlds are good 2nite <3 <3 <3

Love & Light,

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