Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Planned Parenthood is Awesome and PinkCheetahVintage and The Wrecking Krew are proud to participate

Yooooooooo, if u r in Asheville then I suggest you come support this event!!!!

I luv how this lady MC is getting involved.  Activism has always been a big part of hip-hop and the MC and DJ community. 
PinkCheetahVintage and The WreckingKrew decided to sponsor an hour gift certificate to Massage Envy to help raise funds for Planned Parenthood and give out the code STEADYREP10 for a 10% discount at the store.

I even like the name 'Planned Parenthood'.  I love the whole idea of planning whether u have a family or not----conscious procreation and/or NOT procreating.  Man, I admire all the people with no children. I have no doubt, that you are probably of higher intelligence and/or at least educated at a higher level---in general.  At least, from what I've seen...  Yeah, I have like 5 kids sooooooooooo there's that.

Here are a few examples of the kids at HR & Jon's house with Ace!!!! (Family/frends)
(They have all been gone for over 2 weeks and we misssssss them!!!!!)

These 5 were all PLANNED by a total of four people at dif times and yet, we still have a rather muddled situation.

I have an immediate family member who is ill and all I want is my whole family together.
My ex-husband and his new girlfriend first introduced these children together as siblings when they started living together as a family.
I think the girls would like to have their brothers with them, but it is clearly complicated.
All we can do is try our hardest to respect the relationships the children have made that were originally the adults' decision.

It's not ez in the modern world, although step-children and step-parents are rather standard in the history of families.
Classics are written about this v common scenario.

For instance!
Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel & Gretel...
There was a common theme throughout.

Be careful what u wish for, r??????

Also, unless u want a mess of childrens like u see above, then please talk about and support Planned Parenthood.

Here I am in HR's vintage vest which I may have posted b4, but it's worth a repeat.
I need to fix these sunnies, tho.  We have am eyeglass repair kit that may work if I can find the earpiece that broke off.


Love & Light,


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Nightbell Heirloom Hospitality Group with Woman Chef Katie Buttons Just one of the Amazing Dining Experiences Asheville has to Offer

Nightbell is one of the places I was desperate to check out when I first moved to Asheville.  I went with my mom for the first time a few years ago.  It's a fine dining foodie place, but has a super chilled out vibe.

They didn't even flinch when we rolled in straight from the summer streets of AVL and I was totally in vintage cut-offs and open back shirt-----we had the good grace to sit at the bar lolol, but the hostess was extremely inviting and welcoming at 9pm w/o a reservation in the world.

If you're wondering, yes, I'm in platform sandals that make me like 6ft tall or something close, which freaks CandyMan out, so I'll never stop.  And yes, it's totally tru, it's much easier to tell people what to do when you're taller.  I'm serious.  I wore my platforms today in Lowe's and a small boy/girl? little human child actually screamed a little when he looked up at me.  It was awesome. 

I'm 41 years old and I live in Asheville with CandyMan and the rest of this WreckingKrew.  We have 5 kids and 2 dogs. We're actually all previously at one point from Tampa and we are needing a visit back again.  We run The Little House Airbnb and want to share the little gems of places AVL and WAVL (west Asheville) have to offer.  
We r about #successthroughsupport & #smallbusiness & #localbusiness 

What we tasted ;)

The little 2-bite and 3-bite treats and dessert below were all between $4 and $9.  That is extremely reasonable!!!!
WE ARE A BUDGET CONSCIOUS DUO to say the least----we have to make our life affordable., yet still enjoyable.
(Descriptions cut & pasted straight from the website-----photos are ours ;)

Also----this $4 egg is one of my fav things to eat ever. Ever.

“deviled egg” corn sabayon, sunburst smoked trout gravlax**, pimenton, egg cup (gf, tnf)

steak tartare**, dry aged apple brandy beef, feuille de brick cone, smoked horseradish

cream (lf no horseradish cream)

heirloom tomatoes, focaccia, house-made mozzarella, basil, sour peaches (tnf)

No picture!!!!!

peanut pie, blueberry-rye whiskey compote, corn ice cream, goat milk caramel, sweet crème fraîche (tnf)

Everything being so on point, it feels weird to say I was underwhelmed by the dessert.  But, it was still delish.

What I was wearing when the kid squealed at me:

My trippy vintage dress garnered me one compliment at Lowe's to which CandyMan declared it was a 100% return on wearing it lol

DIY house repairs :(

Love & Light,


Not Dead Yet Style

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

They Love Love and Crystals and Stuff lol Beatniks & Hippies Asheville Allen Ginsberg

So, it's fun living in a cool, progressive city.

There are LOTS of women that I've met that totally identify as witches.  V normal here in Asheville.   I like to call myself The Wizard bcuz I attract all the witches lololol
Everybody is vibrating at a higher level, adjusting chakras, basically being just as $hitty as other people everywhere, but we recycle like beasts here, so there's that!!!!!
I just enjoy NOT being the craziest looking mom at the school functions!!!!

On IG in honor of first days of school everywhere!

                             Basement Poetry Corner

In honor of it all, one of my legit fav poems :)


Everything wrong with Asheville in one meme lolol

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Swimming with Friends and just really grateful to be a part of such an amazing group

When you move to a new city in your mid-life years where you basically don't know anyone-----besides CandyMan and his wife (now ex-wife) at the time (who I honestly barely knew)----you really wonder what it's going to be like to make a new social circle.

I can't even begin to explain how surprised I am and amazed at the friends I've made.  It's not just me.  Real friends meet your friends---like, my old bff SamIAm is now friends with HR, CandyMan, PizzaJon, and on and on and on...  And now this whole group that we just went camping with last weekend.

I don't look perfect in my swimsuit.
I'm 41, I have wrinkles and veins and imperfectly shaved legs and all that fun stuff.
I don't care.
I'm getting in a swimsuit and getting in the water :D

It's so weird to think of him as a boyfriend.  He's the father figure in our beautiful family and I feel like we're married.

lolol ^^^^^

Nothing is perfect all the time, but I am really grateful for the good moments with friends and family----honestly, my group is so good it's really one and the same for me.
Our kids are on vacation with their other parents rn and we miss them so much.

Love & Light,


Not Dead Yet Style

Friday, August 4, 2017

TGIF Focusing on the Important Stuff and All That

Quick check-in/check-out :) bcuz TGIF and all that...

Enjoy your weekend :

PSA: Lowering all the shop prices---every single item for a summer sale!

Love & Light,


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Just a Tuesday Work Flow OOTD and SALE post

Trippy pants from personal collection on major SALE here

Pretty sweet, amirate???  

All black errrryting.  It's my mood.  OK, black & white.

Totally used a beauty filter.  
I'm totally over 40 (41).
I'm totally Sadidas.
I'm totally wearing an H&M cheerleader skirt that is def too tight and short for anything considered appropriate. Crop top, fence net pantyhose, jewelry, cute bf :)
We got to see DJ Shadow.  He's been spinning 21 years.  He's a tru artist. 

Love & Light, 


PSA: Breeding is bad for the environment. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Driving your point home Grandma, Mom, & Family Time

Went to go see my mother in Florida.  She is in the hospital---thankful for that last visit---every minute counts.

SamIAm describing her sitch with another supposed professional...

Let's talk about kindness instead. I've had some people be v kind and generous with me lately.
The trip to visit my mom would not of even been possible w/o CandyMan, SamIAm, HR, PizzaJon, Rob, and just so many more people...   And also, my mom.  She's sick and still helping me (us).  Time for the tables to turn.
I look around and I'm blown away by some people.
I'll focus on that----the kind of people you just can't say enough good things about :)
Patti's reminder here about a week ago helped me.

No real good outfits----just this same tank top I got as a hand me down.  Talked about here already.  Been wearing it a lot bcuz it's hot.

 Fun on IG with LondonDaBridge :)

Rocking my Santa Cruz tee :D

Doing big sales! 

$20 plus shipping r n 

Monday motivation.  Work, shower, clean, laundry---crazy busy back from trip. 
I don't even know about fashion today.
I'll have to look around for inspo <3

Love & Light,